Promotions & 25% Sale

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More added to the news, please scroll to down to see it all. Thanks.

Hey guys,

Today we will be announcing the next round of staff promotions. 
As per-usual we’re sorry if you were not picked or promoted, please try to not take it too personally.

The following people have been accepted as Helper, if they still wish to become one.
  • themanrules81
  • savior_of_reason 
  • proserbianplayer 
  • MrUnkown 
  • AngelicShark
  • SirmikeFTW
  • mtndewfan339
  • Rhyzen 
  • ShadowGirl 
  • zombieslayer 
  • shadowphantom51 
  • TropicalKacti 

The following people have been promoted to Mod, if they wish to become one.
  • Superbadger09
  • MyersX

The following people have been promoted to Admin, if they wish to become one.
  • Miss_StacEy
  • Blueswill
  • Animosity (Pariah,Jeremey)

An event will be run NEXT WEEKEND (1/8/2014/), Fly in Factions, Double rewards in SG and World Edit in Creative celebrating these promotions.

For the next two weeks we will be having a 25% off sale in the Web Store, so if you were looking to purchase some items/ranks but wanted to wait for a sale, here is your chance.

I didn't want to make a new New's Post for this, but a number of large updates will be rolling out today.

The skin restorer is working again, we have tested it for about a week now and it has yet to blow up in a fireball. Skins should be working across all servers again (Skulls might not be as that's an issue we can only get fixed in 1.7.10 server software)

Network Announcements:
This one is more a backend change. All announcements will be handled proxy level not server level, for you the player, nothing will really change it will how ever allow us in the future to use cool broadcasts with clickable actions.
Example: Weekend for the Jeremey Is Cool it, Click Here for yours! And when the player clicks "Here" they get the kit.

New Chat System:
So, where implementing a new Chat system as the old one is no longer supported and well, still buggy.
Unfortunately, this new one is not as feature rich so far, but the dev seems very happy and willing to make great updates.

  • Global Chat: The Network, VIP, Staff Global chats are still there.
  • Does not require restarts: <-- = Good! A+++ #Swag
  • Updates ranks in chat fairly instantly: More an issue with the new server.
  • Updates Factions name changes with out reloging: Woo!
  • Party Chat: Host a party chat, get people to join. Ban people you don't want in it.

  • No Global PMs: PM's are server wide only again, maybe in the future it will be network wide.
  • No Faction Chat: Not sure if this will ever get added, but you do have part chat.
  • No Global Mail: Mail will once again be server wide.

Most of the commands should be the same, here are changed or added ones.
/focus channelname is now /channel channelname
/party host : Host a Party Chat.
/party join playername : Join a players Party Chat.
/party kick  playername : Kick a player from your Party Chat.
/party ban playername : Ban a player from your Party Chat.
/party unban playername : Unban a player from your Party Chat.
/party leave : Leave the Party Chat.
/party info : Info about the Party Chat.
/party members : Members in the Party Chat.
/party chat : Start chatting in Party Chat. Type it again to leave it.
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