KitPvP has launched at last

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Blueswill @ KitPvP
posted May 17, 15

Thats right folks,
It's time to grab your swords, potions and underwear to wage war on friends and foes alike in TagCraftMC's brand spanking new KitPvP server.

Blueswill, themanrules81 and their small team of dedicated builders have been working on this project for several months now and are ecstatic to announce it's finally opening.

Whilst in KitPvP server, you will notice that life is different with a completely new look on Minecraft PvPing with the edition to 22 custom made kits to unlock, each one offering superior weapons and enchants to blow your rivals away and even small improvements have been made such things as no loss of hunger and nullified fall damage.
Although not everything is sunflowers and lollypops in KitPvP as lava is just as deadly as ever and has no regrets turning you into a bucket of KFC! Mmmmmmwwwwaahahahahahhah.

It’s not just the game mechanics that have been altered, even how you fight people has changed with custom powerups such as flying around in a plane whilst firing wither rockets from a bow.
This and even more is possible in the new KitPvP server, check out the forums for the latest updates in the ever evolving arenas and kits.

VIP ranks from Factions, Creative ect do not carry over to KitPvP, there is however a special kit just for you guys :)
KitPvP offers 4 new VIP unbeatable ranks to suit even the most pickiest of customers.

KitPvP is running on Minecraft version 1.8.3, so you will need to install that before you can play.
If you don't have it already, you can download it from our downloads section at we offer an auto install that will do all the hard work for you :)

KitPvP should be open by the end of the weekend (17th) and we look forward to seeing you all in there!

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