Help, I am stuck inside 2markos printer!

Chalkie AdminImmortal posted Feb 13, 17

The TagCraftMC network is currently undergoing some changes and will be inaccessible to the public for some time.

These changes are being spearheaded by 2Marko as well as other prominent members of the community.
Their aim is to rebuild and revitalize the network using ideas submitted by members of the community on our discord server.

If you wish to submit ideas, apply for builder or even chat with the community you can do so at:
Our discord server is open to all members.
You can join via a browser such as chrome, using the application on your PC or even on your phone/tablet.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you soon!

Theneonracer137 I miss this server. Hope if will be back shortly.
Savior_Of_Reason Immortal teim 2 grief
Angelwolf I hope Tagcraftmc and the delevopers of Tagcraftmc can fix this! and im pretty sure this server gonna absolutly INSANEEE...