Bans, IP Bans, RangeBans Whitelist and Warnings cleared.

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Hey guys,

Although this is not an update, we still feel it's important enough to have on the front page.
As you may have guessed from the image above we have decided to clear the ban system. 
I have been speaking with some of the Mods and Admins on this idea, and they were on board with it as they have the same idea about allowing people a second chance.

So what does this mean? Well it means within the next 24 hours we will be clearing the databases on Bans, IPBans, RangeBans, Whitelist and Warnings. So if you were previously banned or locked out due to a Rangeban now is the time to play again.
We will however keep the history system in place. This means staff will be able to check past bans on your account. 
This also means we will be having a "1 screw up and your out" rule for people whom were past perm banned.
Example: If you were banned for hacking in the past permanently, come back and blow someones house up you're gone for good again.
This wipe also does not restart the "3 chance" policy we use, so if you're on your second ban don't go blowing up peoples houses because you get a "free pass".

We will also move all the current ban appeals into forum archive.

There will only be a handful of people whom are re-banned. These bans will mostly be due to Paypal Fraud reasons.

There is no technical reason or problem for why we are doing it, we just feel that people deserve a second chance sometimes.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the decision to give people a second chance? Best answer will receive a virtual/imaginary kiss for S0faKingCool! 
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