Ticket System and Staff Apps.

#Chalkie Owner posted Jan 12, 15

Hey guys!

Just letting you know about a few changes that have happened on the forums over the past 24 hours + a recap of the new Staff Rank.

We have re-done the Staff Application, we're hoping that this time around we're going to be more focused on accepting/denying applications rather then letting them pile up as a database of sorts. This means any applications you had in was removed and you will need to re-submit it.
This can still be accessed at: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/staffapplications

The second change we have made on the forums is the ticket system. This ticket system will now serve as the grief, theft and scam section as well as other issues such as account issues. This new system will be much easier for staff to use as well as allowing you to submit multiple tickets at the same time (no more waiting).
This can still be accessed at: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/report

As you may have noticed, this weekend another staff group was added to the network, trainee.
This rank will serve as the new intermediate rank for staff members, they will be on this rank for between 2 and 4 weeks.
More information on why and what this rank means can be found at the following link: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/forum/m/7524762/viewthread/18479371-what-this-new-trainee-title/post/87864644#p87864644

Thank you all for your continued support!
DJ5170 NO reject or accepted sign what does that mean?
edwardkontarya its me EpicMadara
edwardkontarya wow nice my factions leader ...

GunCraft Updates

#Chalkie Owner posted Jan 9, 15

Hey guys,
Just wanted to make a post about the recent and the upcoming updates in the GunCraft server. 

A fair bit has changed since the opening just after Christmas, it's no longer a 1 map and 1 game-mode server, we have opened up a second game-mode (FFA) and have four new maps with even more to be added soon.
Some of the recent changes we have made are;
  • Better compatibility with the Anti-Cheat and the Guns.
  • Re-sizing of the resource pack. All the textures are now 256 or lower which should improve performance and compatibility on older model machines.
  • Anti-Spawn camping features.
  • Brand new stats system. See the top leader-boards via a hologram in the lobby and view you're and your friends stats with a simple command (/gcstats <name>)
  • Plenty of bug fixes and re-re-re-re-fixes. :)
  • 18 new and unique classes.
  • Free For All game-mode added with 4 different maps.

This weekend we will be adding two more major update that have been request by you guys, the ability to switch classes whilst in game and rewards!

Class Switching

We have tried making switching classes as simple as possible, all classes after the update will have one new item in their hotbar (last slot), for now this will be a Trapped Chest, right clicking this whilst in the arena will allow you to select a new class to play as when you respawn.
There is currently no limit to this so you can change as many times as you want in a match, just like in games such as Battlefield.


The second part of the update is adding rewards for kills and wins.
For each kill a player will receive at the end of the match $80 x Kills (Elite, Ubers and staff will receive $150 x Kills). So if you get 10 kills, that's $800 dollars.
If you win a match, you will also receive a bonus $1000 dollars (Elite, Ubers and staff will receive $5000)
However, to receive these rewards there has to be at least 4 people playing in that match and you will not gain rewards in the up coming 1vs1 game-mode.

There will also be a few bug fixes such as the /suicide command working correctly and adding lose stats on games that don't finish.

We highly suggest you check GunCraft out, it's not only a great place to have fun but now you're able to make some #TagSwagDollars! You can join with the /js guncraft command or using the portal in the Network Lobby.

assassin974 je n'arrive pas a joué
Note: Anything labeled -PR means that update is pending a restart and will not take effect until the next restart of that server and anything labeled -PPR is pending the next proxy restart (Could be in a weeks time)

  • [Factions] Helpers now have access to /tps. Your demands have been met redwabbit, let Jeremey go please!

  • [Website] Pointed the public logs DNS in the correct location.
  • [Factions/Creative] The /warn command for staff NO longer automatically jails the player.

  • [Creative] Fixed Disguises -PR
  • [SG Lobby] Fixed Chat Formatting
  • [SG Servers] Fixed issue with disguising crashing.
  • [Network Wide] Added/Fixed the Fuck filter to not block "if kill" - Thanks 2marko -PR
  • [Creative] Fixed Vanish issue - Thanks 2marko
  • I have forgotten to update this area lately, sowwie.

  • [Creative] New command added for staff, /tpofflineplayer <player> or /tpop <player>. Will Teleport the player to spawn once they connect to the server, this is only to be used for people whom are unable to log in or crash due to being in a laggy plot.

  • [FireMaster] Anti Cheat added.

  • [FireMaster] Multiple fixes, check out the official updates thread.

  • [Factions] Fixed Hostile mobs being unable to spawn in the Lab.
  • [Factions, Creative] Added the staff ability to look in between the main chat channels for Factions and Creative. This can be done with /listen.

  • [SG Servers] Re-refixed the rambo kit. (Next time tropical, let me know that the kit's item is missing rather then it's broken, I don't then waste time re-codding the kit to only be told it's still broken -_-)
  • [Website] Jail logs to webserver tested and successfully working. 
  • [Website] Created a new forum for jail appeals and a new label to keep them nice and tidy.

  • [SG Servers] The rambo kit is now working (whoops, thanks for the heads up Tropical)

  • [Factions, Creative, Network Lobby] Updated anti-cheat system. -PR
  • [SG Servers] Updated anti-cheat system.

  • [Creative] Created and implemented loreme. You're now able to use the command /loreme <lore> or /lm <lore> to add a lore or description to the item you're holding. Confused? Use /loreme help.
    Note: When adding a description with spaces, use "_" please, it will format correctly on the weapon. Example /loreme Super_Sword will show as Super Sword on the item, also & colorcodes work and are formatted correctly.

  • [Factions] Created and implemented StaffMode.
  • [Factions] Fixed the particle effect of StaffMode showing whilst vanished -PR
  • [Factions] Fixed logging out and not being shown in the /sa list -PR

  • [SG Lobby, Factions, Creative, Network Lobby & Quake] Updates chat/command logging software -PR
  • [Factions] You're now able to use formatting codes on signs (&k ect).

  • [Factions] The member limit from factions have been increased 75 > 85.
  • [SG Servers] Due to the high amount of spam/butt hurt the network chat causes when people talk it it, it has been disabled on all SG servers. There has been however a SGGlobal channel replacement which will allow you to talk to your friends on all the SG servers.

  • [SG Servers] Small update the astronaut kit. It should fix the issue with people getting kicked for cheating. Thanks for the report noodles123.

  • [Creative] Staff are now able to jail people whom break rules such as using OP potions. Use the command /jail <player> jail <time>. For example /jail Chalkie jail 1h
  • [Creative] Staff are now able to clear a players inventory and their potion effects for using OP potions. Using the command /oppotionsremove <player> or /opr <player> will not only warn the person but remove their items and potions effects.
    I suggest using this as a warning prior to jailing or getting a senior staff member to ban.

  • [SG Servers] Should have finally fixed the exploit for Infestation.
  • [SG Servers] Small bug fixes for a couple of kits such as Vanguard and LeafItToMe (Neither bugs broke anything).
  • [SG Servers] Fixed the issue with the TP Invinc delay being enabled on SG Servers.
  • [SG Servers] TagChat will now take over the chat in SG servers not the native one.

  • [SG Servers] Fixed an issue with the kit LeafItToMe not working.
  • [SG Servers] Fixed an exploit with the kit Infestation.
  • [SG Servers] The cooldown for creepermissiles has been increased from 30 seconds > 2 minutes.
  • [SG Servers] The cooldown for nuclearchalkie has been decreased from 8 minutes > 5 minutes.

  • [Factions/Creative] New command added /colorme or /colourme . This will convert the format of the item in your hand. An example it would Change &4Hello &2World to Hello World
    This feature is available to all players. Image Example

  • [SG Servers] Updated a spelling mistake on a kit name, the change has also been fixed in the database (should not lose the kit). Thanks SamiSaif123

  • [Network Wide] Small update to the /js command. If you now just use /js it will bring up a GUI menu that you can use to join another server. You can still use /js servername to join that server directly. Server will need restarting for this to take effect, ill more then likely do this this evening. -PR

  • [SG Servers] Fixed an issue with the CreeperMissile kit not working.
  • [SG Servers] Fixed an issue with the NuclearChalkie kit not working (#hope).
  • [SG Servers] Re-balanced the kit Thor, cooldown increased from 5 > 20 seconds.

  • [Creative] Sick of using signs like some kind of primitive ape? Well now you can use a GUI for changing your disguises. Either do /td or /tagdisguise to open a sexi menu to select your disguise.
  • [Creative] The Cow, Chicken and Pig have been added to the Free Disguises for everyone.
  • [Creative] A new Disguise type was added, ???Random???. This will apply a random skin from a pool of Staff members and Popular Youtubers on you. This is part of the Free Disguises for everyone.
  • [Creative] Disguise Sign cooldown reduced from 10 to 5. Disguise Menus will also have a 5 second cooldown.
  • [Creative] The issue were Bows from OP kits would be sucked into the Void never to be seen again (much like Jeremey in RL, I CRAY CRAY EVERY TIME) has been fixed.
  • [Creative] Re-optimized a bit some code + Fixed player skin bugs for the Disguise software.
  • [Creative] Added separate enabled and disable buttons for viewing self disguise now in the GUI.
  • [Creative] Fixed the issue were VIP's had incorrect plots. Normal:3 VIP:5 SuperVIP:6 MegaVIP:7 UltraVIP:8 UberVIP:9
  • [Creative] Changed the kit cool downs to 20 seconds each. 10 minutes was a little over the top.
  • [Creative] Fixed the issue were the Bow in the kit's were being removed for OP enchant.

  • [Creative] Brand new spawn with more PvP arenas.
  • [Creative] Better Kits, Protection Enchants.
  • [Creative] 1 More plot for normal Members.
  • [Creative] 2 more plots for VIPs
  • [Creative] New Death Messages.
  • [Creative] Cool new Disguises (platform above)

  • [Staff CP] Updated the Theme.

  • [SG Servers] Fixed an issue with double rank in chat.
  • [SG Servers] Fixed the Network Chat color format.

  • [Factions] Increasing the limit of TP protection from 5 to 7. (This was the length before) -PR

  • [Factions] Enabled new TP protection system. You (should) only gain PvP protection for 5 seconds when TPing to every world besides spawn. (No more invulnerability in PvP arena)

  • [Factions] Fixed the pvp exploit allowing people to warp to factionless land in combat.

  • [SG Servers] Fire Nation has attacked! (Able to use Flint and Steel)
  • [SG Servers] Anti Cheat system updated.
  • [SG Servers] Chat should be local per SG servers again.
  • [SG Servers] Update to the HungerPains kit. More information here.


  • [SG] Added 4 more servers for you SG entusiasts 
  • [Network] Small event for staff promotions and alittle extra in the /kit evolve for the unplanned restarts due to chat the other day<3.
  • [Network] Few updates for the chat and broadcast systems.

  • [Network] New chat system, fingers crossed you guys like it plenty of info on it on the homepage.
  • [Network] New auto message system, includes clickable links/commands and hovering text.

  • [Creative/Factions] Updated PvP Manger Software. -PR
  • [SG Servers] Updated Software, main thing fix is you're now able to move unlootable/undroppable items around in your inventory.

  • [Creative] Disabled villager spawning. Sorry, but you guys kept abusing it with 1000's being spawned.
  • [Creative] Created an addon for our TagEssentials. If you use the command /potions it will remove all potion effects off you every 20 ticks and when you're hit with a splash potion. Disable it with the same command.
  • [Creative] Re-codded the addon, now will only nullify splash potions targeted at you when you enable it with /potions . This means you're still able to drink your own potions. -PR

  • [Factions] Fixed an issue with players able to pvp in non pvp areas. -PR

  • [SG Kit] Seeker kit updated/replaced. Should be a fresher spin on the kit.

  • [Network] VirtualPets are now re-enabled on most servers, Enjoy and thank you for being patient with us in the process of getting them back.
  • [Factions] VPets will be enabled ASAP on the faction server -PR
  • [Factions] PvP was re-enabled in the pvp world (after a much needed reminder)
  • [Factions] Combat tagging software also re-enabled -PR

  • [SG Kit] Rebalance of kit Rider, horse health reduced to 25 and the max amount of times it can be summoned per game is now set to 5.
  • [SG Servers] Additional anticheat software added for all of those baddies.

  • [Website] Fixed an issue with the PHP status not displaying the correct amount of people online.
  • [SG Lobby/Network Lobby] Fixed an issue with the scoreboard status not displaying the correct amount of people online.
  • [???] Don't click this.

  • [Factions] Fixed the issue with Mining World 3 not generating correctly.
  • [Factions] Mining World 3 is now more Vanilla, mobs such as the dragon and enderman can break blocks.

  • [SG Servers] CrazyCatLady kit fixed. Enjoy playing as Miss_StacEy again :D

  • [Factions] Fixed the issue where flint and steel were unable to be used -PR
  • [Website] Added a starter guide for helpers be sure to check it out and help with adding forgotten information (staff only).

  • [Factions] Implemented new java arguments, might help combat CPU lag.
  • [Factions] All lag reducing plugins that have to do with mob spawning have been disabled for a few days as some VIP's are unsure why we have to have them in the first place.
  • [Network] Purchased our 2nd dedicated server, within the next week mini games servers will be moved over to it and the other gamemodes will be re-worked on (zombie survival ect). (New server is in the same datacenter, there will be no latency issues)

  • [SG Kit] Sniper no longer gains Invisibility whilst in Sniper Mode.
  • [SG Kit] Sneeker is now blind whilst in sneak mode, players in a 5 block radius will also receive a message "You sense someone close by." when entering sneak mode.
  • [Factions] VIP's /chest's should now be fixed.
  • [Factions] Staff should be able to use /f factionhome again.
  • [Network] Reworked TagJoin, VIPPerks, TagJoin to all be one plugin named TagEssential. (Let us know if anything broke :D ) Command should be the same, they however may get a rework in the future. (Only On Factions atm)

  • [Factions] When logging in whilst flying you should have fly still enabled. (May only be effective on a certain group of flyers atm)

  • [SG Servers] SG Software update.
  • [SG Servers] The bug that allowed people to drop their items at the start of the game to give their friends/other accounts an unfair advantage should be fixed.
  • [SG Servers] Astronaut class re-balanced. Only starts with Head an Chest armor now.

  • [Factions] Added a new PvP arena. Special thanks to Pariah for the help with the sword.

  • [SG Servers] Software update. Let us know if anything caught fire
  • [SG Servers] Monsters are only a 20% vanilla rates. Animals are 100% vanilla rates.

  • [SG Servers] Hotfix for the Sniper NPE issue.
  • [SG Servers] Changed Diamond Sword to Wood Sword until we can track down (if there is one) an issue with people randomly keeping it on game start.

  • [Factions] Mods can now use /tps (Checking Ticks Per Second close to realtime)
  • [Factions] Mods can also use /killall <mob> <radius> (Shouldnt need an explanation try keeping the radius to a local area)
  • [Website] Staff requesition item chicken spawn eggs (For whenever chickens get culled and a player requests for their few to be replaced)

  • [Factions] Staff now have the /msc stats command. Allows them to see whom is near spawners.
  • [Network] Fixed the issue were stacey was a hobbit.

  • [Factions] Fixed selling of potatoes and carrots.

  • [Factions] New system for mob spawners. Monster spawners will only spawn 10 mobs at a time regardless of the mobs place within the chunk. If the mobs are dropping or being killed there will be no delay in the spawning rate (you might even see a slight increase). This should help prevent TPS spikes caused by 1k witches in a 2 block radius.

  • [Factions] Faction Command book updated for the newer commands.
  • [Website] Pariah learned how to edit the homepage <3

  • [Network Lobby] Small visual update to the Network Lobby, nothing major :D
  • [Chat] Added a new Trade channel to Factions server. -PPR
  • [Network Lobby] Added area for monthly top voters in HOF.

  • [SG Servers] Updated Software, new bug fixes as well as the ability yo use the purchase kit selector.

  • [Factions] All arrows are moved from worlds every 10 minutes, this is because about 500 arrows are created every 15-20 minutes in peak times, which after a while causes massive slow down.

  • [Creative] Staff now have the ability to see and modify players inventory. The command is /invsee <playername>.
  • [Creative] Created a plugin called TagSayNotToDrugs, as the name suggests it will attempt to remove any invalid potion effects from players every 20 ticks. If the server catches fire I apologize for my shotty code ^-^ -PR

  • [Network] Greatly increased the performance of the MySQL database.
  • [Network] Added another 256MB of ram per SG server.

  • [Factions] Added arrows to the /sell command.

  • [Network] The hunger server has officially retired, so long old buggy friend.
  • [Network] The Survival Games Lobby + 5 SG server have been added, Helloooo 83+ kits. (Join with /js sg)
  • [Chat] Seems to be stable nowish? 48 hours, no crash and 3+ reloads for the SG server...fingers crossed.

  • [Network] The /join command has channged to /joinserver or /js.
  • [Chat] You're now able to join and leave channels with /join channel and /leave channel or /joinchannel channel and /leavechannel channel.
  • [Chat] Three new global channels added, Turkish, Philippines and English.
  • [Gateway] Added a scoreboard with server status. Pic

  • [New Faction Rule] Don't build or keep items in the Wilderness and expect them to be protected and/or rolled back if griefed. If you want your items protected please use the factions system. It's free and you get 10x 16 x 16 plots. (Was part of the old rules but not moved over to new ones)
  • [Factions & Creative] Mods are now able to teleport and pass though walls via the compass. This should not be used in pvp.

  • [Network] The ban system has been cleared for the "Second Chance" update. Only a handful of people have remained banned due extreme reasons. This pardon does extend rangebans.
  • [Website] Re-did the Ban Appeal page.

  • [Chat] Due to the instability of the chat system I have tried to put in place a feature where if the whole chat system goes doe you guys will still be able to talk in network chat. Has not been tested, may explode. -PPR

  • [Network] More updates to software trying to fix everything broken in 1.7.7 update.
  • [Staff CP] Proxy now has green light when activated. Hail Hydra!

  • [Network] Update the network to 1.7.7, broke a few things like statues in the gatway, pets and vanish. There are no etas on when these will be updated.
    Mojang seems to be on a warpath against plugins that change how you look ect.

  • [Creative] Added a hard limit to World Edit. Should not effect anyone.
  • [Creative] Re-enabled the ability to World Edit water and lava. Lets see how long this lasts.

  • [Factions] Added new messages upon entering the mining worlds about the fact they are mining worlds and you should not build you house ect in there.
  • [Factions] Should be a small improvement to getting a successful teleport to the End Mining world.

  • [Factions] Beginner and daily kits updated with small improvements.
  • [Factions] Factions power limits have been increased from 500 (50 players) to 750 (75 players).
  • [Network] Restart will occur when the faction restart does. This is to update the chat system again as well as options in the proxy settings (for the super secret thing). Cancelled due to people complaining about the update. People want things updated/fixed yet complain when there will be 10-20 minutes downtime for maintenance...

  • [Factions] Edited the started kit, added a new daily kit.
  • [HungerGames] Fixed the world border.

  • [Chat] Updated the chat software again hoping to fix the "chat breaks" issue, 23rd times the charm :) 
  • [Factions] Added a Lab to spawn, passive and hostile mobs area.

  • [Factions] Added Sticks, Glowstone dust, sugar, glass bottles and redstone to the VIP store and /sell command. ARE YOU HAPPY DEATH!

  • [Factions] Reduced the item frames in spawn from 500+ to ~220. Should reduce the FPS lag a little.

  • [Creative] Fixed an exploit that could have been used to make balla 420 swagdollars. Thanks nguyen273662.
  • [Factions] Updated software.
  • [Factions] Added new spawn. Surprise!
  • [Chat] Updated the chat system now with less bugs???


  • [Website] Updated the site with a new shiny NavBar. That oughta keep someshet happy.

  • [Creative] Added new PvP system. Read about it in the news sections.
  • [Website] Minor color update and fixing some things out of place with CSS.

  • [Chat] Updates to the software, just minor under the hood fixes. No fix to the /afk issue as far as I am aware -PPR
  • [Factions] Updated Virtual X software.
  • [Factions] Mods are now able to view virtual chests (Not edit them) -PR
  • [Creative] You're now able to create sits to sit on. Use ANY stairs as a the base and signs at the end. The command /chairs on/off will enable this for you or not.

  • [Chat] Added more aliases to /msg (whisper, tell ect). -PPR

  • [Chat] Updates the messages for the factions server (When changing factions chat mode ect) -PR
  • [Chat] Fixed the issue when you're unable to focus the factions server channel by clicking it's name.
  • [Chat] Staff can now see where messages are going and coming from when turning NSA mode on.
  • [Chat] Added some help to the /mail command for people with old mail system.
  • [Creative] Added the /near command for detecting "trolls".

  • [Creative] You're no longer in God Mode whilst in /afk, also moving whilst in /afk cancels afk mode. This was changed due to people afking than warping into the area.
  • [Creative] There is no god mode when teleporting now.
  • [Chat] You're now able to change that channel you're chatting by just clicking the channel name in chat.
  • [Chat] You're now able to send messages to a channel with out leaving the channel you're in. /channelname message. Example /network Nah I can't come out to play.
  • [Chat] You no longer get spammed about no access to a channel when joining a server.
  • [Chat] You no see what server your Private Messages are coming and going from.

  • [Factions] Fixed the issue where when using the /sell command SugarCane was worth balla money yo! -Thanks Popcap.
  • [Creative] Added blocked commands whilst in the PVP area. -Thanks Ze_Blue
  • [Network] Updated chat system. Fixes the 'You can not join this Channel due to not enough Permission" spam on server join and the double formatting when sending a message to a channel /channel message. -PPR
  • [Factions] /sell Command moved to VIP's because it made LaXus573 sad.
  • [Creative] WorldEdit is back online for creative. There are however a few new commands. Check here for them: www.tinyurl.com/TAG-CC . Due to this new system, I have removed the limits.
  • [Network] Added a new Network wide Chat system, check the front page or announcement forums for more info.
  • [Factions] Raised ChestShops SHOP_INTERACTION_INTERVAL to 1000 from 250, disabled LOG_TO_CONSOLE and GENERATE_STATISTICS_PAGE as they are unneeded. This should help with the small amount of economy lag noticed. -PR
  • [Factions] As suggested, SuperVIP's or higher can now do the /sell command to sell items to the VIP shop without going there. God bless walmart.

  • [Factions] Syber_Pat's head now added to the TagDrops system. -PR
  • [Factions] Drop rates for Iron from Iron Golems Nerfed by 0.30% (5), 1%(4), 2%(3) 2%(2). -RP
  • [Factions] Fixed the issue where you had a much higher chance to get heads from Witchs and Silverfish then other Mobs. (0.022% per head (11 heads x 0.022% = ~ 0.25% (0.242) like other mobs)) -PR

  • [Network] Syberpat has changed his name to his premium account, Syber_Pat.
  • [Network] sofakingcool has changed his name to his premium account, S0faKingCool.
  • [Creative] Due too people creating over enchanted items in turn crashed the creative server when use in PVP, an automated system has been enabled that detects and destroys overpowered enchantments on items.
    For the moment (will be disabled today) it will also tempban you for 5 minutes since some of you don't get the message.
    Unfortunately this automated system detects and wipes items from thetomuchswagkit and god kit, If you have purchased one and it's wiped, let me know via PM what kit, what day and how much and ill replace your lost money.

  • [Factions] WitherBosses now have a 1% chance to drop their head. (PENDING 1st's RESTART)
  • [Factions] Silverfish & Witches now have the chance to drop CreamPuffz's, Rahhiiann's, Poisen01's, RobbMack's, J3tblue's, Blueswill's and Miss_StacEy's head as well. (PENDING 1st's RESTART)

  • [Network] Updated the server software on all servers.
  • [Proxy] Updated the Proxy software.
  • [Factions] Added new Custom Software, enabled special drops from mobs and players. Check the news area.
  • [Creative] Server officially opened.
  • [Factions] Ultra, Ubers and staff will now logged in already in vanish. This is a "fix" for a problem found by 2marko.
  • [Factions] Anti-Cheat system updated.

  • [Factions] Re-Themed spawn in valentines them.
  • [Factions] Fixed an exploit that allowed people to steal items from a chest.
  • [Factions] Added a new feature. You can now teleport to factionless (unclaimed) land in either the PVP world or Peace world with the command /factionlesspvp or /factionlesspeace please do spread the information to new players wanting to find land.

  • [Proxy] After 30 minutes downtime for an update the issue with the proxy stopping incoming connections Shoooooould be fixed *fingers crossed*.
  • [Website] Removed the http://minecraft-server-list.com voting option as it no longer allows non premiums to vote.

  • [Network] Fixed the issue were pets could be named with out the permission.
  • [Network] Fixed the issue were you could summon pets you had no access to.
  • [Factions] Teleport invulnerability has been increased from 4 > 7 seconds, this should help greatly when people are TP'ed to shady areas. (The invulnerability is for the person whom is teleporting and whom they are attacking)
  • [Factions] Login Attack Delay has been increased from 5 > 7.
  • [Factions] /list command now sorts by group.
  • [Factions] UberVips now have 2 sethomes.
  • [Factions] UberVips now have a third /chest (May not be in effect until restart)

  • [Factions] TNT has been disabled in Mining world three, Blueswill was able to confirm 6 times (not on purpose) that using TNT to blow up ender crystals = server crash.
  • [Network] Updated Server software and proxy software, also changed java runtime arguments (may increase performance)


  • [Factions] Hoppers speed will be lowered back down, I think it's now clear why I lowered them in the first place rockmysocks, 4-6TPS when we're only at 135 people is not acceptable... 
  • [Factions] Changing how chunk limiting works, it should only destroy the newest mob now not the oldest, this means it should not kill your sharp billion villager if a new one spawns (untested)
  • [Factions] Enabling a new feature that basically remove all AI of a mob that is spawned out of a mob spawner. This should in theory reduce the lag that is created by them as the only purpose a entity has when spawned is to die a horrible death.
  • [Factions] Reduced the entity tracking range.

  • [Factions] Due to RockMySocks complaining on TS3, Hoppers have been set back to default speed. Feel free to blame him when/if the server starts to lag at peak time due to tileEntityTick. /mail send rockmysocks thanks for the lag. 

  • [Gateway] Changed messageInterval for the auth system from 5 to 25. (less spammy)
  • [Gateway] Suppressed join and quit messages.
  • [Gateway] Suppressed first time messages.
  • [Factions/Gateway] Fixed the issue where blaze pets were not able to be used when having the hostile pet pack. Thanks Sharp01
  • [Factions] Fixed the random TP signs for the mining world.
  • [Factions] Greatly (I hope) increased the spawning of the random TP system, should not TP into 1x1 holes and be glitched to the nethers roof.
  • [Factions] The world border is set to 3000 in the mining worlds, may be reduced to 1k again after the 1.7 rush for items is over.
  • [Factions] When using the Random TP signs you're given 5 seconds of spawn protection.
  • [Gateway] Downgraded our auth system hoping to fix they new bug they introduced about a translation file.
  • [Factions] Fixed Death Messages not firing.
  • [Factions] /rules are now updated with the new rules.

  • [Website] Posted more improved rules, you can read the rules at http://www.tagcraftmc.com/forum/m/7524762/viewthread/4077658-tagcraftmc-network-rules
  • [Factions] Fixed the issue where logblock was not logging blocks correctly.
  • [Factions] Sign data is now logged. (PVP, Peace worlds)
  • [Factions] Logblock data will only last a month besides logs for Spawners. Make sure you do reports prior to 14 days.
  • [Network] Updated to true 1.7.2/4.
  • [Network] Rules have been re-vamped, please re-read them to know what has changed. (I will make a post about this soon)
  • [Factions] Mining world 1 is now 1.7.2 (Flower biomes ect)
  • [Website] Fixed an issue with Status area.

  • [Gateway] Extended the HOF due more UberVIP's, thank you for your support.

  • [Factions] Fixed an issue were a few random players had 0 power which meant factions at 50 members were not getting their full 500 power.
  • [Factions] Although not fixed, getting the issue with Ubers bonus power looked into. https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/issues/510 If you're a permanent faction (not moving around) and need the bonus power feel free to request an admin to do /f powerboost f yourfactionname 50 (Tell them to check here if they want)

  • [Gateway] Added info board to the right side of the screen in the lobby server. This will tell you your Money, Ping and rank on the server. It is updated every 60 seconds.
  • [Website] Small update to Webstore, Purchases adds your rank to all servers (Not Permissions).

  • [Factions] ehome command has been added to the deny factions and combat system.

  • [TeamSpeak] Fixed a few permissions that allowed people to create and join channels they should not be able to. Either everyone was super well behaved on TS3 for the last 4-5+ months, so some of the permissions were edited/reset.
  • [TeamSpeak] All staff have the ability to now enter passworded channels, VIP's still have the right to ask/tell a staff member to leave their channel(Just don't be overly douchebaggy about it).
  • [Network] Made lag more fun and gassy.

  • [Network] Enabled the network wide Economy System, You're now able to send, receive and use money on any of our servers. If you wish to pay someone whom is offline or on another one of our servers, please use the /money pay name amount command. Example /money pay chalkie 100 .
  • [Network] All essentials user files have been wiped, so if you log in at the spawn and not where you logged out don't worry. The wipe was due to no longer needing the files due to a cross server eco. This may become a monthly thing. Although not truly a network update this effects all servers. (Will effect the /seen command to staff, instead go to the gateway server and use the authentication systems last login)

  • [Website] Started the 25% off sale from the 24/12/2013 - 1/1/2013.
  • [Factions] Added the /kit christmas to the factions server. This will also last until the 1st and you can use it every 24 hours to get some great Christmas gifts.

  • [Factions] New PVP arena in spawn called the Arena Of Gladiators by J3tblue and Rockmysocks.
  • [Network] BlueGirl218 is now known as Miss_StacEy.

  • [Factions] Factionless players are now able to attack and be attacked in other peoples factions land. 
  • [Factions] You're unable to use ewarp and ewarps in ENEMY Territory.
  • [Factions] The max players you can have in a faction has been reduced from infinite to 50. More about this below.
  • [Factions] The max power a faction can have has been raised from 500 to infinite. More about this below.
  • [Factions] The deny /f home distance near enemy's has been reduced from 32 to 28.
  • [Factions] The reduction of damage you receive when attacked in your faction has been raised from 60% to 70%.

    The two changes above about power and players will allow UberVIP's to use their extra Max Power, Also you should not need more then 50 people in your faction, if you do make a sister faction and allow access. Normal players will see no difference in how claiming and power works.

  • [Gateway] Added dialogue to the Random Tips NPC.
  • [Gateway] Added a Network Info NPC.
  • [Gateway] Added a scheduled restart for this server every 48 hours at 17:00 server time.

  • [Factions] Updated the portals to other servers in spawn to be themed more like the new gateway, we are also using new software which should not TP you to random servers as much or at all.
  • [Network] Updated Ban system Failed update, dev notified.
  • [Proxy] Updated software. Should be a little more stable now.
  • [Factions] Pet's are now disabled in the PVP arena.
  • [Hunger Games] Updated Portals.
  • [Quake] Updated Portals.

  • [Forums] Re-enabled forums signature size limits. Warned you guys I would if you continued to use large images. 250 x 505 PX is now the limit, it will re-size if it's too large.
  • [Gateway] Re-Done the whole spawn area. Enjoy! (Pulled an all nighter)
  • [Gateway] Ban system updated.
  • [Gateway] Pet's now follow you in gateway.
  • [Network] RedWabbit is now known as RedWabbitVR.
  • [Gateway] Removed the Speed and Double jump feature, sorry it was conflicting with inventoys.

  • [Factions] Christmas theme added.
  • [Factions] Staff now have access to the /history <player> command.

  • [Factions] Disabled the NCP messages in game for admins. (Sorry Ammar I forgot DON'T BEAT ME AGAIN PLEASE!)

  • [Network] Updated the server software and proxy software.
  • [Factions] Enabled mode 2 for the Anti Xray due to an update/fix in the block break event.
  • [Proxy] Chat for 1.7 clients should now be fixed.
  • [Factions] MegaVIP's + will now login to the server with fly mode enabled if they logged out whilst in the air. This should stop any nasty deaths.
  • [Website] Cleaned up and fixed a few spacing issues on the front page. Looks decent now without the massive gaps.

  • [Website] Fully fixed the "I can't click that scrollbar on the Latest Threads" issue.

  • [Lobby] Removed the fireworks on join, they got annoying...real annoying.
  • [Lobby] Changed a few settings to help with the crashes.
  • [Network] Added a new setting to help combat the proxy crashes caused buy the multiversion/1.7 update. You guys (The players are actually causing them due to no connection throttling in multiversion/1.7. This results in players somehow massively spamming their connections to the proxy until it can't handle any more (Talking 1000's (87k in 2 hours))) This is only a temp "fix" for the moment. We do apologize for the crashes.

  • Moved the TS3 server from US WEST to US EAST, this should stop the random down time due to attacks on the US WEST node. (I hope)

  • [Website] Made this area, still needs a little work.
  • [Website] Staff and VIP's now post in there respective colours as default.

  • [Network] Downgraded the server to a true 1.6.4 server (not 1.6.4 with 1.7 protocol patch)
  • [Network] Updated servers software
  • [Proxy] Implemented a fork of the proxy to allow 1.6.2, 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 clients to connect.

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