Halloween Week.

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This event will last one week, starts on the 31st of October until 10th of November (I understand that a normal week consists of 7 days, you guys get it for a little longer)
Please be aware, although I have tried my hardest to make this plugin work/not catch fire, it’s my first time doing some of the things in this plugin (Example Jacks Event).
I do apologize in advance if something does not work correctly, I did run out of time a little bit (Firemaster took a good 2-3 weeks of this month) and the past few days I have been busy with RL.
I want to send out a special thanks to BlueSwill, Miss_StacEy and reilly1234567890 for helping with the crypt building! You guys are too OP. (Also my minion Pariah for formatting the kit for me :D)

Halloween Goodies  - Kit
Every day of the week you can claim a /kit Halloween. This kit contains some Halloween type of treats as well as a trick or two to play on your friends!

  • 1x Creeper Egg (To trick your friends!)
  • 1x Halloween themed Mini block / Head.
  • 1x Spooky themed Mini block / Head.
  • 1x Candy Food
  • 1x Special Item
  • 10x Spooky Cob Webs.
  • 10x Pumpkin Pie
Pariah said he will try to change the heads to something else every day.

Dawn Of The Dead – Event
When you die, you have a 10% chance to have a zombie spawn where you died. (You will be notified)
This zombie will have your head and name above it, if the zombie is killed there is a 50% chance for you to gain a Halloween Gem Shard.
If you’re caught farming for the gem shard, you will be punished, farming is getting you, a friend or creating a machine to kill yourself over and over again in hopes to gain a gem shard.
Notice: The zombie spawned will NEVER take your gear off the ground.

All Hallows Eve – Event
When farming Crops (Melon, Pumpkin, Coca, Potato, Carrot and Wheat) you have a 1% chance to gain a Halloween Gem Shard.
Notice: No cheating allowed, if you place a melon block or pumpkin block down on the ground and harvest it, the plugin will know and not count it.
Notice:  The crops have to be fully grown, so no planting and breaking instantly.
Notice:  No auto farms, for you to have the 1% chance, a player has to break the crop.

Spirits Walk The Earth
As long as there are at least 5 people on factions, every 5 minutes a spirit bat will visit a random player.
If you allow the bat to live for 10 seconds, it will reward you with a Halloween Gem Shard. If it is killed you have a 75% chance to gain nothing and a 25% chance to 3 Halloween Gem Shards.
Warning: The software does not care how the bat died, if it dies you will not get the single Halloween Gem Shard.


Jack Returns – Event – Boss Battle.
Every 3 hours Jack of the Lantern breaks through the void into this dimension via his Crypt under Spawn.
We need you to go and defeat him to keep TagCraftMC safe. He is not an easy foe and has been trying to break through the void to destroy TagCraftMC every year since our creation, the only thing that had stopped him in the past was our formidable champion CreamPuffz… but when we need him the most, he has vanished!
Be warned, Jack loves chaos and will use whatever he can to defeat you, he has even disabled PvP in that area hoping you will destroy yourself so he does not have to!
Boss info;
Jack has around 2200 Raw HP, however he is heavily armored in his 2nd stage using Diamond Gear with high level enchantments and is resistant to Fire Damage.
He is a little weaker in his 1st stage, only using leather armor and a bow, however he is on a mount which makes him harder to hit.
Most of his ability’s will affect people in a 25 radius of him. He has 10 different abilities that fire once every 40 seconds. Jack will show an effect when he is about to and when using his abilities.
Every 3 minutes, Jack will be strong enough to summon reinforcement’s from his dimension, for each player fighting jack he will summon 3. You can choose to kill or ignore these reinforcement’s, if there are any remaining reinforcement’s when he summons the next wave they will be returned back to Jacks dimension.
Upon defeating Jack, everyone in a 25 radius of his body will receive 2 - 5 Halloween Gem Shards, 13 diamonds and there is a small chance his head will drop.

Halloween Gem Shards – Rewards
Hallow Gem Shards Can be turned in for rewards.
Collect 15 Gems to gain a random Halloween Reward. Some rewards will only work whilst the Halloween event is running. Shards will look like Shiny Firework balls.


  • Zombie Essence: Turn into a Zombie until the end of the event.
  • Femur Bone: Unbreakable PvP Weapon. (Is Enchanted).
  • Jack’s Head: Unbreakable PvP Head Armor. (Is Enchanted).
  • The Witch’s Pie: Gain Speed 1 for 1-5 minutes every 5 minutes, fills health and hunger instantly.
  • A Black Cat: Turn into a black cat until the end of the event.
  • A Witch’s Spell: Turn into a witch until the end of the event.
  • An Old Bone:  Turn into a Skeleton until the end of the event.
  • Trick Or Treat: 50% chance to gain Slow Digging or Fast digging for 1-5 minutes every 5 minutes. Instantly fills health and Hunger.
  • A Warlocks Wand:  Unbreakable PvP Weapon.
  • Soul Cake: Invisible for 1-5 minutes every 5 minutes. Instantly fills health and Hunger.
  • A Wet Apple: Fire Resistance for 1-5 minutes every 5 minutes. Instantly fills health and Hunger.

When the event is over, you’re still able to store the items, but items that give effects or transform you will no longer work.
/removecostume : Removes your costume, only use this if you no long want to be transformed. (Example you want to be a witch now not a zombie). THIS IS PERMANENT, THE ONLY WAY TO RE-TRANSFORM IS GETTING THAT ITEM AGAIN.
/viewcostume: Enable/Disable viewing your own costume.
/hbind : Combines 15 gems in your hand to give you a random Halloween reward.

Halloween Sale
We will also have a 30% sale on all items in the Store.
We appropriate anyone who purchases items from there.