Show me some skin!

Chalkie Admin posted Feb 7, 16

Hey guys and girls,
I just wanted to make this post about a small update we have had to the Lobby Server and as you may have guessed from the title image, it's skins!

Everyone will have access to 9 free skins and VIP's + will have access to 18 more. We plan to rotate the free skins every 1-2 months so there are some fresh choices to choose from.

These skins will work if your character currently does not have a skin or you're using an account that already has a skin. If you're already premuim then this update isn't as exciting for you as it is for others.
Because this system is new, it may be a little wonky, so go gentle with it.

To change your skin, talk to the Skin Changer NPC in the lobby and choose a skin. Once you have choosen it you will have to disconnect and reconnect to enable it.
You can only change your skin once per week, so choose carfully.

We hope you enjoy this small update.

stargirl25 It's a good idea but I have a pretty I think for members doesn't have skins
TbnrCJ MegaVIP Chalkie add /skin [name] plz
DadoDami why?