The Big Update: Ohhh yea!

Chalkie AdminImmortalTS3 posted Sep 10, 16


We did it,

We pressed a button and stuff happened! Wooo.

The day is finally here, the day we say goodbye to the old TagCraftMC and hello to the new one.

The updated network is running 1.10 and if you don't have a copy you can grab it from the downloads page.

If you're having trouble with out current launcher, try using the new one that's currently being developed. It may look ugly but it should work on windows, mac and linux.

We ask that you try and be a little gentle with this update, a lot of things have changed and new systems have been added and I am sure things will need fixing/adjusting.

We were able to do small scale testing, fixing ect. But you guys will for sure find things we missed, so don't hesitate to let us know on the report section.

For the first few days, it may be a little more laggy than it should be, this would be due to worlds be generated, DBS populated and loose unicorns in the wires. I ask that you try to bare with it and report it if you have too.

We have created you guys a sexi new /lag command to tell you all the info you need to know about yours or the servers lag.

Due to this not only being a wipe but an implementation of a new system there are various things that have changed. I have listed the more important ones below.

Over the next week I hope to update the Wiki with most of the new information concerning the update, however that depends on how many fires we need to put out :D.

Ban system wipe

  • We have cleared all current bans, warnings, kicks ect. Mostly everyone gets a new start.
  • Players/addresses that have committed PayPal fraud will remain banned.
  • A couple of super bad eggs will also remain banned. I am sure they know whom they are.

Worlds are no longer Worlds

  • This one is a little confusing, when we use the word "world" like in Build World 1, it's really a server instance not a world.
  • For you guys, you should not really feel/see a difference but for the nerds behind it, it will allow greater control.

Forums and TS3 Wipe

  • You've already seen the new TS3 layout and the forums got one as well.
  • Any old threads/sections have been moved to an archived part of the forums so you're still able to view them.
  • We hope to have most of the information you need on the wiki, rather than all over the place on the forums.

Single Dedicated Server

  • Part of the re-vamp was to re-evaluate the current servers/hardware/costs ect, instead of having two dedicated servers we only have one, however this one has increased CPU power and SDD space.

The Factions Universe

  • The old/current system use to be 1 server instance that housed the spawn, 3x mining worlds and 2x build worlds.
  • Now each world is on it's own server instance and data such as your level, items, enderchests are all linked between them.
  • Due to this system, you can have separate factions on each of the build worlds, whether that is a plus or negative is for you to decide.
  • The /spawn command will always send you to that world's spawn, to get to the factions spawn server, use the /travel command.

The Travel GUI

  • You can still use the old /js command to get around but we highly suggest you try using the /travel command. It's a GUI that should get you to most places that you need to go.
  • Whilst in the Lobby, SkyWars or Creative you will see the Network Travel Menu. Whilst in any of the Factions Universe, you will see the factions travel menu.

The Market Place

  • No longer will the spawn of build worlds be taken up by massive shops, instead now you will do all your shopping in the market place.
  • The marketplace is a world that gives you access to 1 or more market plots (like creative) that you can build on and sell items.
  • The market place also has an auction system, since you guys have REALLY wanted one for ages!

Shops are not the same

  • This time around you can only create shops in the Market World and how you make them is a little different.
  • You will need to shift right click a sign on a chest then fill it out like so;
  • [Shop]
  • Amount to buy/sell
  • The price
  • What shop type buy/sell/barter
  • Then hit the sign with the item you wish to sell/buy/barter
  • An example of this is below, I would be selling 12 stone for $50.
  • [Shop]
  • 12
  • 50
  • sell
  • If you're confused, check out the info in the market spawn and our wiki. We should have an example video up soon-ish.

The Mining World

  • There is only a single mining world now, it houses 4 hangers, each one allowing you to dig up different items.
  • Stone is considered a filler block and you won't receive any items when digging it up.

The Build World 3

  • We listened and now it's more hardcore than old chaotic and you can truly destroy/raid your enemies.
  • Check out the wiki for info on what you can/can't break/blowup.

Creatives Casino

  • Lucky Jack has revamped his casino, no longer do you get tickets to win silly prizes now the stakes are higher, you're competing to be the riches on the server!
  • Each day you can get free coins, use the coins to gain money on the slot machines and watch your name rise or lower on the leaderboards!

Faction Reward Tokens

  • Every 6 hours you can claim a single reward token from the rewards master in Tag Castle.
  • These tokens can then be used to open 1 of 8 different chests, these chests each contain different rewards.

The Trade System

  • In any of the Factions Universe worlds, you can trade people with the /trade command or shift right clicking them.
  • You're able to trade money, items and exp and it even has an anti scam feature if someone changes something before the trade timer runs out.

Social Media

The Store

  • We should have the store up and running within the week.
  • There are a few things we want to finish up before we make it live, I really do hope you guys are able to help support the network when it's live.

Damn Jeremey, back at it again with the changelogs

  • Old memes aside, we're bringing back change logs. These will more then likely be part of the wiki and will be for all the servers.
  • Were doing it for two reasons, the first so you guys know (if you look) what was changed and when and it helps us keep a record of what hasn't been done.
  • We will be more relaxed with it this time, less "Fixed: Hellp > Help" and more "Fixed Typo".

Thank You

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has helped with the update, this includes the builder(s), testers, staff and even you guys for playing and being so excited and reasonable about the delay.

I really hope in the next few months we can improve on what we have done and #MakeTagCraftGreatAgain.

Wow, you read all that. Geez, you're either committed or very bored. Good work!

I guess you can go and play now, go on shoo. Get out of here and go and explore the spawn, raid a faction or smack some kids with sticks in SkyWars!

P.S. iNinja_Pie = God Tier Builder; #AmmarBless.