07/24/2015 - Staff promotions and upcoming KitPvP updates.

Hey guys,

As posted earlier this week, I have been working on a small update to the two pets you can spawn in KitPvP. This update will automaticly make the Wolf or Horse spawned from spawn eggs be loyal towards the person whom spawned it. In addition, the horse will spawn equiped with a saddle.

This update is part of a much bigger pet system that we’re working on in the upcoming weeks on the KitPvP server along with another major surprise and update that Blueswill, themanrules81 and oOReillyOo have been tinkering on for some time now.
This small update should be deployed by 26th (UTC).
What could it be? Best conspiracy theory in the comments below will win VIP or a rank upgrade!

This weekend we will be doing staff promotions as well, we hope to see a few new faces as well as some older ones getting the recognition they deserve.
Staff applications are now open until the 14/8/15.

themanrules81: Mod > Admin
Syber_Pat: Mod > Admin
2marko: Mod  > Admin
TropicalKacti: Helper > Mod
Rounduboy: Helper > Mod
Togakure: Helper > Mod
timgarrow: Trainee > Helper
Daniss: Trainee
Chaudaa: Trainee
Kutay_Tn: Trainee
Anacian: Trainee
nitin: Trainee
MiiaoErr: Trainee
Ammar_Ahmad: Admin > Queen Of Egypt
Please contact us to receive your rank or if you do not wish to be promoted.

As ancient tradition dictates, where will be a TagWeekend to celebrate the promotions, this means Fly in Factions, WorldEdit in Creative, Bonus Money in Survival Games and /kit tagweekend in KitPvP.

We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the festivities.

Best conspiracy theory on what the KitPvP update could be in the comments below will win VIP or a rank upgrade!

#CatMC07 HelperUltraVIP Congrats ya'll!!
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