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Operation, two is better than one.
So the first part of the plan has already started, it as the name may suggest has to do with getting another dedicated server. We have already purchased one last week and have spent the last few days setting it up.

We will moving all the mini games servers over to it which will reduce the load of the main server, the main server will still have the Proxy, Network Lobby, Factions and Creative.

You guys will see and feel no difference after the move, although the mini games will be on a difference machine as the proxy, they’re still in the same data center. (No latency increase)

Operation, Who hit me?
This is a simple update that will basically change just how PvP is handled on the Factions server. We will be using the same system that we use on the creative server.
Just like the existing system, when PvPing other players you will be put into a "PvP state” for 15 seconds, once in this state you will not be able to use commands that allow you to escape ect.
If you log out whilst in the "PvP state” you will drop your items, lose EXP and get hit with a $150 fine, you will however keep your armor on.
New players will also be under PvP protection for their first 5 minutes in Factions.
This new PvP system effects all worlds besides PeaceWorld, so be aware of that in the mining worlds.
Note: You will not enter "PvP state” if you use or are hit by Snowballs, Eggs and any other non-damaging projectiles.
This should be live within the week.

Operation, Teleporter goin' up!
As some of you may have seen on my wall a few weeks ago, we were looking into network wide TP's to not only allow you to join your friends in any server, this means if you have a friend playing in one of the SG servers and he/she asks you to watch you can TP to his locations and watch him play.
Much like the TP system we had, you have to request a TP and have it accepted. This is obviously protect players who don't want a random TPing to them.
We aim to have this live within the next two weeks.

Operation, Primal Split
So as you may have notice, Factions really likes to lag at 60+ players and as I have explained (multiple times to some people) the main reasons for this is to many plugins, to many worlds and just to much swag from you guys.
Moving the mini games off the machine will help, but only a little so we have been trying to think of ways on how we can improve it without doing something drastic as a server wipe and that idea is…
Splitting the Factions server into 3 Factions servers. One server will be for Spawn and the mining worlds and PvP and Peace will have their own servers, money/inventory/exp will be all shared across these 3 servers.
Now it will take a little to get use to as the /js factions command will just take you to spawn and you will have to use something like /js factionspvp to go to directly to the PvP server BUT it should help with the lag issue as each server will be independent, so even if some baddie VIP is lagging the server with their spawners in Peace it will not affect the PvP arena in spawn or the Peace world.
There is no ETA on when this will be done as we have other things on our list to do and we need to do testing prior to updating.

Edit: There is one major thing I forgot to add about the split (can't believe I forgot to talk about it) and that's what happens to factions.
The factions software uses flat file as caches all data and loads/saves dynamically, this basically means we have no way of linking the PvP Factions and the Peace Factions together. So you could be In Factions nice on Peace and Factions bewbs on PvP. This will be specially important to remember for current leaders of factions if you have land claimed currently in both worlds as you will be a leader on both servers, it also means you will have to log into each of them every 14 days to keep leader ship.
Some people may find this better as they now can focus all their energy to PvP worlds faction and let a second in command control the Peace world factions.
This will also mean that fchat will only talk to your members in THAT server (as far as I am aware) so communication may be a little hard, but think of it like they're on another planet!!!
Also, spoiler alert we maaaaay be also making a Hardcore mmorpg factions server as well since it will be split up. So there will be mmo rank ups, real raids no grief reports ect. But you will not share items/exp with other factions server only money and shit will be real expensive in there :D

Feel free to comment below on what you think of these changes, or anything you’re unsure of and we will try to answer them as best we can.

sWaGGY UltraVIP Will there be several PvP arena's in PvP server?
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