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Chalkie AdminImmortal posted Oct 14, 16

Greetings Witches, Wizards, Skeletons and Rotting Corpes,

I am happy to announce that we're offically in sPoOkY mOdE within the network. This spooky theme will last until the 1st of November.
Due to time constrants and my efforts being directed elsewhere, there wont be a big event like last year or the year before instead the following will have to do to keep you spooked!

Trick Or Treat
You're able to the use the /trickortreat command every 12 minutes on the Factions, Creative and SkyWars servers.
When using the command, you have a 50% chance to gain a treat, or be tricked! There are over 50 diffrent treats and tricks you can recive.

Jack'O Spooks
Either at random times or when clicking pumpkin heads, they may come alive for a breif moment!

Spooky Heads
Mobs that spawn have a chance to wear a Pumpkin or Jack'o Lantern Head.

Costume Party
If you don't own a premuim account and/or don't have a skin set, you will be assigned on of 20 random Halloween Costumes every time you login.

Webs EveryWhere
The Lobby and Factions spawn have had a small spooky face lift.

A Sinister Sale
If we're able to get the store online before the end of Halloween, we will have a small sale on it.

More to Come?
Have simple yet spooky idea? Post it below and you may see it implmented by the end of Halloween!

A special thanks to Miss_Stacey and Jeremey for helping me with the Lobby and Factions Spawn and to Joao who did a great job on our logo.

We hope you all have a great Halloween this year whether it's on our network or not!

xTaquitoMx how awesome :/
Scrub named ϟ_DaƦƘ_ϟ thats the surpise.... thanks you Miss_Stacey :)
Miss_StacEy UberVIPUltraVIPMegaVIPSuperVIP Was great to be able to help the server again after so long away :) Hope you guys have lots of fun!